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Standard VPS

Reliable. Scalable. Secure. Elevate your hosting experience with our Standard VPS solutions.

Starting at
2,75 € Monthly

Performance VPS

Exclusive and elite. Premium resources for businesses that require unparalleled performance.

Starting at
10,00 € Monthly

Performance VPS - Memory Optimized

Memory maximized, performance optimized, security tightened.

Starting at
15,00 € Monthly

Our Guarantees

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Fast & Reliable

Leveraging a high-performance network to ensure fast and reliable services, with exceptional response times for your hosted solutions.

DDoS Protection

Advanced DDoS protection safeguards your operations from attacks, ensuring uninterrupted service and robust security for your digital assets.

≥ 99.5% Uptime Guaranteed

Guaranteed ≥ 99.5% uptime, ensuring your services stay up and running with minimal disruptions.

24/7 Expert Support

Round-the-clock expert support to assist you anytime, ensuring seamless operations for your services.

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